Redefine your audience

Redefine your audience

Redefine your audience

Audience extension” uses technology that allows digital publishers to generate revenue from their web traffic, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience far beyond the company’s website. Through audience extension technology, publishers can track their website visitors, allowing advertisers to serve ads to the specific audiences on different sites as they continue browsing the web.

This allows the company to reach its audience far beyond the corporate website. Through audience extension, advertisers are able to identify which audiences they anticipate targeting to based on the type of users visiting a particular website.

This technology has become important for both publishers and advertisers. It allows them to reach a specific audience that is of major interest while creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.

Advertisers are asking publishers for advanced targeting data rather than having to go through third-party data sets. An advertiser is then able to provide users with a higher quantity of advertisements across the web rather than flood the publishers’ site with banner advertisements.

The practice of audience extension allows the advertiser to place advertisements on numerous sites in a variety of ways, which in turn, create a lasting impression on the target audience.

Collaborations between The New York Times and Netflix promote the series “Orange Is The New Black” demonstrate how mutually beneficial audience extension is for the two brands.

Publishers are starting to realize how valuable their audiences are through technology such as audience extension. The data that is being passed between publisher and advertiser remains the same, while the audience that is being reached continues to grow.

Online user experience will become more personalized as services such as audience extension continue to grow. It will become customized to the user through likes and dislikes, with advertisements that are more relevant and useful for the customer.

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