YOMO (Mobile Gaming App)

YOMO (Mobile Gaming App)

Industry: Mobile Gaming

Challenge: Yomo wanted to launch a brand new mobile gaming app into the highly competitive gaming community in the United States market. After the developers created the game in London, they selected Colure to handle the international launch their app, starting with America.

Solution: We help differentiate their brand identity through multiple channels. We built their brand positioning, orchestrated their launch, and targeted their audience via social media, mobile marketing, influencer marketing campaigns, and interacted with gaming publications via multiple public relations networks.

Services: Mobile Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Content Management, Influencer Marketing, PR, App Store Optimizing,

Results: Within 30 days of executing their mobile marketing and influencer campaigns, we delivered strong results. We provided over 13,000 downloads and increased conversions with an in-app purchase. Within 90 days of launching their app we were able to deliver 19,000 installs and delivered more than 65 million impressions. Additionally, they saw greater than 49,000 level-3 completions, and over 1.3 million social engagements.

Testimony: “Colure to date has done a fine job.” Hugo Harmony (Chief Executive Officer)