Richard Solomon



Richard Solomon: Executive Creative Director

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications and five years in interactive media, Rich has always stayed true to one belief – “It’s all about the idea.”To him, the communication of the brand idea is the most important; because if it is truly an idea, it will connect emotionally with consumers, naturally translate across all media platforms, and grow legs which will move the brand forward.

He has worked with many companies such as Milton Bradley, Monopoly, Hasbro and Konami, and has developed award winning campaigns with Diet Coke with Lime, Boru Vodka, Smuckers, Ringling Brothers Circus & Ice Shows, NJ Nets, Telemundo, Six Flags, Topps Trading Cards & Confections, Interactive Data, and CNN Fit Nation Tour.

Rich is always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate brand ideas. This is not “Video killed the radio star”in that there will always be traditional media; however, brands can find unique ways to engage with consumers. In Rich’s experience, the most effective media platform is people – connect and they will become your prime salespeople and brand ambassadors.