Ken began his career early when he was hired as a TV news photojournalist while he was still in high school. At that NBC station, he started working with 16mm film. Ken has experienced the entire development cycle of news photojournalism from 16mm news film through to the creation of high definition video.

Ken has been employed by a few network affiliate stations across the nation. During that time, he had the pleasure to see his work appear on several network news programs. These include “60 Minutes”, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN network news shows, BET, and “Regis and Kathy Lee”. As a result of his work, Ken has received three regional Emmy Award nominations.

In 2014, Ken accepted the role of Content and Project Manger for Colure. He created the corporate blog and established its editorial guidelines. He works with staff writers to help them develop their writing style.

Ken uses his background in journalism to craft his storytelling. He freelances with content creation and media production. His web design work was selected to be linked to the State of California’s Employment Development Department web page.

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