Digital Advertising


Digital Marketing / Advertising Agency

If the goal is to launch a new product, expand into a new territory or just to grow your foot traffic, Digital Advertising is a great fit. But it’s hard to say what is “Digital Advertising”, to explain it from a performance point of view, it’s called “driving traffic to your website, giving you tools to track your analytics and generating leads that convert into customers.” With our Xebrah™ technology let us guide your company in the best direction to engage your target audience. Contact us today; we are a digital advertising agency located here in New York City.


Programmatic Media Buys

Is an automated technology that buys media with RTB and non-RTB inventories. With programmatic technology we maximize your advertising dollars.

Social Media Micro-Communities

We have access to over 2K social media influencers who are ready to amplify your brand. We align your campaign objections with influencers who have high engagement in the target audience.

Content Seeding

Our platform helps brands programmatically target, distribute, and optimize stories and video across a number of Content Discovery channels.