Social Media Marketing



Social media marketing is about understanding your brands tone, understanding marketing objectives, creating engaging content and conversing with your end consumers.

Paving the way with Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is the new outfit that may never go out of style, no matter how much you love it or dislike it. Some may see all social media platforms as being equal or exactly the same but that is far from true. Each social media platform requires a different social media strategy to serve their target markets. We strategically analyze your audience and then we custom tailor your brand messaging to engage and to drive conversions.

Once we solidify the strategy and big idea we can then leverage multiple social media platforms, from Facebook, to Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and even Instagram. We will then determine the organic strategy and or paid strategy along with implementing A/B testing. Here at Colure Media we can work with your internal social media management team or your company can outsource entirely to us and we can wear the hat of your social media community manger. Contact us today; we are a Social Media Marketing firm based here in New York City.