Search Engine Marketing



We aren’t creating demand, we simply direct it.

Colure Search Marketing team creates marketing campaigns unique to your business. You provide us information on your competition and goals and we do the rest. Our expertise is deeply rooted in understanding Google, Yahoo, and Bing to maximize your marketing campaign.

“Let Me Google it”, is an everyday expression used on a regular basis by millions of consumers. One of the magical things about the internet today or specifically the “search engine”, no matter what you are searching for, if being a place, a person, a thing, or whatever your heart desires, you will receive relevant search results pertaining to your query. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is a way for your company to be a part of those search results and target the consumer when they have relevant search queries that relates to your product or service.

Our expertise at our firm is deeply rooted in understanding SEM, Search Engines Optimization (SEO), Display Advertising and even Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Adding key ad-words is pivotal in your online presence because it allows you to increase visibility amongst your competitors. Contact us today; we are a Search Engine Marketing firm based here in New York City.