Geo Fence Targeting Features 

Geo fence is a technique is which alerts are sent to users or administrators when a person enters or comes out of a particular geographical area. For example, if you are changing your location, the Smartphone or any other device you use will send an alert to the administrator. The most commonly used method for sending the message is an email and text message. This feature helps in tracking the users and in knowing their location. Many businesses, company owners and heads of institutions set the Geo fencing feature in their premises for promoting their business and tracking customers and employees. When particular or specific people are targeted for Geo fencing or sending messages, it is known as Geo fence targeting.

Tools for Tracking Location

For tracking the geographical location, the GPS systems and radio frequency are used in good fencing. It helps in creating a certain location based barrier and boundary. The Geo fencing applications can be used after downloading it on the phone. It uses Goggle Earth and satellite view for finding a certain location. Apart from this, web maps are used in some applications to find a location.

Uses of Geo Fencing

The Geo fencing technique is used in institutions, offices and businesses in several ways. Many hospitals have their own iPads, which works only in the hospital premises. The iPad will switch off outside the hospital due to a boundary being defined by go fencing. The retail store owner uses Geo fencing to give coupons after the buyer leaves the boundary of the shop. The head of a fleet can get alerts after the driver uses the wrong route. Restaurant owners often lure their customers by texting the customers and sending the menu and other offers on entering a certain location. Thus, Geo fencing has multiple uses and benefits.

Features of Geo Fence Targeting

The Geo fence targeting chooses certain people for sending the alerts or messages while excluding the other people in a certain location or Geo fence. The targets are chosen based on certain behavior, interest and location. Not all people in the age fence area get the alerts. Only a select group are tracked and targeted by the administrator.