Mark Palmros


Mark Palmros: Director of Technology

Over 12 years of experience in creating digital project strategies and overseeing the implementation of development and marketing. Now  serving as Director of  Technology for Colure Media.  Teams main competencies and digital capabilities include mobile development, mobile app marketing, product & software development, website development, digital marketing, and software & application support.

We are not just a development shop. In order to serve our clients best we have become well versed in market research, product management, product marketing, and social media marketing for products and platforms. We are an amalgamation of a digital agency and a product development company, which puts us at a higher paddle than our competitors.

If you are looking to disrupt a market space that is occupied by platforms that grab the headlines every day, you have to look at innovative ways that can make a new platform stand out; targeted toward solving an existing problem and how to incentivize users. Our product manager and the marketing team will keep a close eye on latest updates on features and functionality and adjust the “Go to Market” strategy as required.

Technology is changing at a very fast pace; development and marketing have to change in parallel. It’s important to be versatile and agile.