15-Minute Golf Coach (Mobile App)

15-Minute Golf Coach (Mobile App)

Industry: Sports & Fitness

Challenge: Our client designed the app in France and selected Colure to complete their app and launch it internationally, starting with the US market. Their objective was to first improve their app and prepare it for the US market to drive installs to their paid version of the app. They needed our help with both the product development and refining the app’s cultural integration into the US marketplace.

Solution: Our team recognized a more holistic approach would be beneficial. We helped the client develop their corporate website, smoothed the cultural differences, refined the UI/UX of the app, and developed a social media plan.

Services: Mobile Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Content Management, Influencer Marketing, PR, Product Development, Website Development, App Store Optimizing,

Results: With our Galileo platform, we drove more than 16,393 downloads in 45 days, gaining more than two thousand paid conversions.