Creations Dorees (Mobile Marketing & Social Media Advertising)

Creations Dorees (Mobile Marketing & Social Media Advertising)

Industry: Fashion, Ecommerce

Challenge: The client was looking to address the North American market for beautiful fashion choices, and needed a state-of-the-art online ecommerce platform to market their clothes and other accessories. Creations Dorees relied on Facebook and Instagram content management to drive traffic to their website, but the client was not happy with the results.

Solution: After they partnered with Colure, we rebranded their ecommerce website and made several changes. The website was reconfigured to be mobile- responsive. We launched behavioral targeting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and several ad networks to increase their brand awareness and engagement. This drove increased online conversions, sales, and revenues. Colure developed a cutting-edge ecommerce platform to increase online sales. Our platform expressed the subtleties of the islands’ traditions with the quality of their product.

Services: Mobile Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Content Management, PR, Website Development, Brand Development, We developed a sales platform with PHP based open-source WordPress and MySQL. E-Commerce used as a WooCommerce.

Results: Within 45 days, we drove 7,000 new visitors, a half-million impressions by increasing reach and optimizing multi-variations of a/b testing, and differing creative ads served on Facebook and other social networks. We orchestrated several behavioral targeting efforts with Ad Networks.