Stratfit (Fitness App)

Stratfit (Fitness App)

Industry: Sports & Fitness

Challenge: Our client wanted to penetrate the US market with their paid app and fitness platform. They needed to rebuild their app and re-do their brand identity. They also wanted to drive a social media buzz within the fitness community.

Solution: Our team rebranded their platform, rebuilt their app with new features and helped the client launch their program via desktop, iOS, and Android app platforms. We helped the client build their landing pages, website UI/UX, and video creative assets.

Services: Mobile Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Content Management, Influencer Marketing, PR, Product Development, Website Development, UI/UX, Brand Development, App Store Optimizing,

Results: Within 30 days of the launch, we drove 3.2 million impressions with a 16:1 install conversion ratio via iOS & Android app stores. Additionally, we generated 14,000 page likes and 15,000 video views through Facebook.