Xebrah™ Mobile Marketing Platform

Xebrah™ is our proprietary mobile marketing platform in which answers three major concerns for our clients. Where to find the right target audience? What to do with the massive amount of data that campaign generates? And how to optimize your campaign once you build a persona on your most engaged active users? Ultimately Xebrah™ empowers brands to increase mobile traffic and drive downloads. From the first second that your campaign goes live, machine learning and artificial intelligence mechanisms start to kick in and with the help of the right manpower campaign optimization occurs.

Targeting: We uncover whom your target consumer is, where they eat, sleep and breathe. We serve relevant ads to them at the right time and place, driving traffic to your APP through an integrated and balanced media distribution portfolio.

Demographics, contextual, programmatic, predictive audience match, look a like targeting, technographic targeting, psychographic targeting, behavioral targeting, geo-targeting, beacon targeting, content targeting, real time bidding, social media targeting, day and time, weather,

Analytics: Through our cross channel platform we are able to have a single view on all of your marketing investment and therefore we can quickly and accurately gauge the effectiveness of every marketing dollar.

KPI goals, if its CPI (cost per install), CPA (cost per acquisition), CPL (cost per lead), CPE (cost per engagement), CPM (cost per impression), CTR (click through ratio), ROI analysis,

Campaign Optimization: Identifying what works, and what does not work at the earliest possible moment in your campaign, allows for early adjustments to be made, optimizing you assets, making them work harder for you.


100K Publishers

Programmatic media buying with over 100K publishers

3K Mobile Apps

In app mobile targeting with over 3k mobile apps.

1 Billion User Profiles

Analyzing over a billion app user profiles and their daily engagement patterns.

Content Engagement

Programmatically engaging users with content publishing

1 Billion Social Media Followers

Reaching to over a billion followers from Snapchat, Vine, Twitter and Facebook

2K Social Media Influencers

Engagement in social media micro communities and leveraging over 2K top tier audited social media influencers.