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Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is the technique for creating and sharing free content to provide the consumer with an additional level of product interaction. It is meant to attract new customers and to encourage current customers into developing a loyal, repeat business. But, it should be more than a portion of a company or product. It should be used as a tool to engage your audience.

Four successful content marketing campaigns:

  • Birchbox – a monthly subscription service that provides an array of carefully selected beauty samples to customers. They use content marketing to enhance the online shopping experience for their customers. Birchbox features articles about personal grooming, fitness, and popular beauty products to engage its customers. This has been the key to Birchbox’s success, allowing Birchbox to create an interactive experience for customers as if they were in a store.
  • Red Bull – the energy drink maker uses its content marketing to blend in with the community that enjoys its products. Red Bull specifically chooses to be associated with extreme sports through their advertising. They provide featured videos, films and photos of extreme sports and stunts to associate high energy with the essence of its community.
  • MasterCard – the financial institution uses their content marketing to create a hassle-free, convenient way for costumers to enjoy MasterCard’s features. On the MasterCard website, MasterCard offers features such as a saving calculator and debt FAQs to assist customers with their finances. To minimize inconvenience for it’s customers, helpful videos and ATM locators are located in its “Priceless Pointers” section on its website.
  • Kraft – the international food conglomerate, mastered the use of content long before it was a popular marketing technique. Kraft’s website features recipes, tips, ideas, and videos to assist customers with their products. They understand the power of connecting with their customers. Kraft has created a forum where customers can go beyond simply sharing their recipes. Customers experience those products on a most basic human level – while breaking bread. Kraft expanded its brand from simply selling their products to forming an online community that has become ingrained in the lives of its consumers.

A company’s content marketing has to be relevant to the company’s mission, products, and services. It should allow customers to consistently learn and engage with a brand. As content marketing continues to grow, it proves to be more of a long-lasting relationship than a trend. Content marketing will continue to be a necessity for companies to grow and actively engage their customers.

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Three NYC Tech Conferences to Attend in 2014

Three NYC Tech Conferences to Attend in 2014

NEW YORK CITY SKYLINEThe Big Apple is a great resource for ideas in the world of marketing. Some of the biggest and best conferences are held here each year, displaying some of the latest and greatest ideas to help make your company’s marketshare grow. Whether your focus is technology or marketing, you’ll want to take a look at these events. Be sure you stay on the cutting edge of the marketplace. Here are three conferences in 2014 you won’t want to miss. Each tackle their own focus.

1)  Interop Sept 29 – Oct 3rd, 2014@ Jacob Javits Conventions Center, NYC
The conference will highlight the advancements in networking, cloud development, mobility and management of information. Breakout sessions will address the challenges of mobile application deployment and management. Software-defined networking, risk management, and information infrastructure will all be addressed.

2)  SMX East 2014 Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2014 @ Jacob Javits Conventions Center, NYC Join industry leaders as they converge on the world’s largest search engine marketing conference and expo. Listen to over 100 experts as they explore SEO, SEM and social media marketing tactics. Leverage their expertise for your growth.
3) Nov. 5-6, 2014 @ Jacob Javits Conventions Center, NYC. Over 8000 marketers will be attending this conference to explore the latest in marketing tools, technology, and education. Discover your company’s ad space and social space, and find new ways to interact with your clients.

The best way to educate yourself about cutting edge developments, is to talk to the industry professionals. Discover the resources of change and educate yourself for the future. Invest the time in your future. Discover your industries next steps of development.