A key to corporate communications

A key to corporate communications

A key to corporate communications

The mobile marketplace is placing new demands upon both corporations and how they interact with their clientele. At the core of many consumers’ concerns is the ability to obtain a clean interaction with an organization. Simple customer service requests or corporate transparency issues are often the sources of an inquiry. Success in these interactions boils down to a company being able to cleanly interact with their clients.

The solution begins with anticipating the needs of your consumer. It’s nice to be able to have customer service department that can filter incoming queries, but how does your corporate hierarchy handle that request once it hits your company’s “1-866-ASK-MEEE” phone line?

Internal communications

Communications is a proactive and interactive process. By anticipating the needs of your customers, your employees, and any possible regulatory agencies, you position yourself to respond intelligently to an inquiry of any caliber. The process starts on the inside.

Two critical needs for successful communications are:
  • an established path of open communications – Is that path flexible to meet the changing needs of the consumer and your corporation? 
  • trained “brand ambassadors” who understand your brand and your corporation. Do you have people who can effectively communicate with your clients? Do they simply read text off of a computer screen or do they actively process the requests when they are contacted by the public?

The way we interact and the way we prepare for that interaction are mission critical to the success of your brand. If a customer’s requests gets lost in a web of inefficiency, the potential PR damage is probably greater than the event that generated the initial query. No one likes to have their concerns dismissed, lost or just ignored.

Be sure that a flexible, interactive pathway is established before you “open the front door”. If your staff doesn’t have an answer, at least have the ability to ‘vamp’. Be able to intelligently acknowledge, record and pass along the very real concerns of your clients.

Your corporate brand is not an image on a bumper-sticker. It is the breathing, interactive face of your business. It is the lifeline to your customer. Be sure that you understand the process of communication.

Simplify the corporate image

The internal workings of almost any corporation are complex. Structure, hierarchies, and procedures are mission critical to keeping an organization well oiled and operational. However, when a customer calls in, they really don’t care about your structural needs – they just want a simple answer to their problem. Getting that simple answer can be like pulling teeth sometimes. Sometimes, these needs will clash with the other. The solution is found in a balance between your structure and facilitating your customers’ needs.

This is the challenge to every Corporate Communications office. How do you merge these two necessities? The challenge to most corporations is being able to listen successfully and answer intelligently. Calvin Sun wrote a great piece on corporate communications for TechRepublic.

Being able to successfully communicate involves active participation. Be ready to listen. Be ready to change for the needs of your customer, your industry, and your brand. If you want to discuss your communications needs for either internal or external clients, contact our project managers to help you get your brand to those who matter most.

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