Keeping your brand relevant and consumers interested is not simple

Keeping your brand relevant and consumers interested is not simple

Keeping your brand relevant and consumers interested is not simple

Manipulating a corporate brand to be a part of the news cycle and not the “background clutter” requires timing, social acuity and being able to read the pulse of the public. This the practice of “agile marketing”. This marketing technique is the opposite “of crafting a large project”. It requires being aware of current events and trends and then acting on them swiftly in a way that can appeal to your audience and/or to the masses.

Two years ago the infamous Oreo Cookie, Dunk in the Dark tweet went viral taking the 2013 Super Bowl Blackout headline and using it to the brand’s advantage. Here Oreo saw an opportunity to comment on trending news and use it to promote the Oreo cookie brand. However, since then Kit Kat has taken the agile marketing spotlight with its tweet and trending hashtag #bendgate, which referenced the past iphone6 bending fiasco.

“In today’s fast-paced, multichannel world, marketers no longer have the luxury to spend months crafting large projects; they must innovate and produce on the fly and respond immediately to market disruptions.” – Forbes staff writer Jennifer Rooney

Regardless if your company is small or large, relating what your brand or service is and intertwining that with noteworthy information can draw attention to your company. Agile marketing demands your business to adapt and to be flexible to the outside noise-makers.

Many of these agile marketing examples can be seen utilizing Twitter and Facebook to express their one-liners. However, agile marketing is still a fairly new marketing tool. In 2015, we are sure to see more brands use this technique. Recently, during the ESPY’s, a television advertisement by Airbnb grabbed viewers’ attention. Airbnb is known for its home sharing service decided to use the theme of “trans kind” in their advertisement during the awards show. This ad smartly aligned with the ESPY’s choice to award Caitlyn Jenner for her contribution to sports and her relationship with the transgendered community.

With company demands to be relevant, so are the needs of flexibility and speed. These needs make agile marketing a necessity in 2015. Because of the “always-on and always-connected” individuals agile marketing may one day become the norm.

Marketing is an interactive process that brings together the breadth of both the advertiser and public. Being able to read the pulse of both parties is critical. Once more, being able to appreciate the space they both occupy marks the difference success and nothingness.

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